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Box and Microsoft Partner for Cloud Content Management with Azure

Announcement: Box and Microsoft Partner for Cloud Content Management with Azure

We're now partnering with Azure as a strategic cloud provider, combining the power of Box and Microsoft intelligent cloud. This deep integration will bring AI capabilities and even more local data storage to companies all over the world, making way for innovation like never before.

Along with Microsoft, we will co-market Box with Azure for joint customers.

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Collaboration That’s Powerful and Secure

Why should you use Box and Microsoft solutions together? Simply, the combination makes it easy to get real work done, with an experience users love and without compromising security.

Whether you’re collaborating on a file in real-time—even with people outside your company firewall—to sharing sensitive files with password-protected links and access expiration dates, Box and Microsoft work together to unlock the full potential of your content.

Box with Office 365

Box and Office 365: Supercharging Collaboration

Easily Create and Co-Author. With our seamless Office 365 integrations, you can open, create and edit Office files directly in Box. Plus, multiple people can co-author files in real-time.

Gain a Fresh New Outlook. Share files with a link instead of an attachment, and save inbound attachments directly to Box. Also, adjust access permissions right from Outlook on your PC, tablet or phone.

Work the Way You Want Modify files stored in Box from Microsoft’s Word, Excel or PowerPoint apps. You can also view files in a browser or from your device without downloading the file or losing formatting.

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Box and Azure Active Directory

Ready-to-Use with All Things Microsoft

Extend Sharepoint Beyond the Intranet. Embed Box in any version of Sharepoint, online or on-prem, and enable secure external and mobile access, as well as cross-company collaboration.

The Power of Box on Windows 10. Create and edit files, images and more with the Box for Windows 10 app. Save any changes to Box, skipping the need to download files to your device.

Secure Your Mobile Content. Manage and secure your Office files on any mobile device with Box for EMM with InTune.

Manage Box Access with Azure AD. Easily authenticate users through their existing Active Directory credentials, ensuring secure access to Box by leveraging multi-factor authentication.

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Box Admin Console

Always Secure. Always In Control.

Intuitive Administration Controls. With rich configuration options, IT can oversee and manage all users and groups while gaining centralized control over files, policies and more.

Robust Reporting. With an end-to-end audit trail on all content stored in Box—including Office files—IT teams can track more than 70+ user activities, even if they are outside your company.

Mitigate Data Loss Risks. Easily implement automated policies to track abnormal uploads and downloads, stopping content and data loss in its tracks.

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Box Customer, Flex, Gus Shahin - CIO, Quote
“Box makes sure our 200,000 employees have access to data they need at any given time, from any given device. Having that seamless file sharing interface between Box and Office 365 is key. Box is the center that brings everything together for us.”


Gus Shahin, CIO, Flex

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