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Box cloud content management enables nonprofits to innovate and fulfill their mission

Cloud Content Management from Box empowers operating nonprofits and foundations to better execute and scale programs, generate support and streamline administration. At Box, we want organizations that do Good to focus on their mission, not technology, so we donate and discount Box subscriptions for nonprofits through

Leverage the cloud to collaborate at every phase of the grant making and program delivery cycle

Internal program collaboration

Box often serves as the unified workspace for nonprofits use to securely store, manage, share and collaborate on rich digital assets related to grants or programs.  Box makes sharing these assets across departments like development or finance collaborating with people in the field secure and easy

External program collaboration

Box often powers the way grant making or program team members share and collaborate on content with external grantees, nonprofit partners, volunteers, program participants.

Field asset collection and collaboration

Most nonprofits use Box (via the web and mobile app) to collect stories, photos, voice files, videos etc from the field. Not only does Box make content collection easier and more secure, but it makes storing, sharing and collaborating on them easier. This capability helps them tell their story easier and faster or even save more lives.

Custom program content applications

Many nonprofits are starting to weave Box into their intranets and other systems using Box API's. They're also starting to build custom program content management and collaboration tools so they can better and more securely serve their partners, donors and beneficiaries. Powering the change of tomorrow

Centralize development assets for funding teams

Box is a fundraising professional's main mechanism for storing or managing content including donor or partner facing presentations, proposals, grant documents & other marketing assets in a single location.

Consolidate communication assets

Box offers nonprofits a single location to store, manage, and share all their content including images, videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents -- both work-in-progress content as well as finalized and approved assets. And, they rely on Box to manage event planning and execution content.

Maximizing resource flow to programs by streamlining administration

Strategic planning & project collaboration

Box offers a secure, cross-department place for every staff or board member to store, share and collaborate on strategic content.

Volunteer and/or staff hiring & on-boarding

Box is a unified workspace where volunteer or staff recruiting and hiring teams can share candidate information and feedback during the interview process Box also helps nonprofits manage and automate the volunteer or employee on-boarding process, from extending the offer to coming onboard.

Employee portals / intranet integrations

Box helps organizations securely store and organize confidential employee information such as benefits, payroll and performance reviews, and allow individual employees controlled access to their personal information. Nonprofits often deploy Box as the content layer of their intranet.

Contract management

Use Box to easily create, share, and approve contracts with donors, vendors and other parties. Collaborate on the proposals internally using Box, then create automated workflows to pass the contracts on to supporters for approval using integrations with e-signature tools such as DocuSign. After the gift contract is signed, tag it with relevant metadata attributes, and with Box Governance apply retention and deletion policies.

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