Box for Higher Education

Cloud Content Management enables innovative teaching, research, and administration

Box for Education provides faculty, staff and students a simple way to share critical research, collaborate on group assignments and approve contracts and files, delivering a consistent user experience across campus.

Improve collaboration and processes between faculty, researchers and students

Simplify sharing for faculty, researchers, and staff

Whether securely collaborating on research projects, distributing course content to students, or supporting classroom presentations, Box enables faculty, researchers, and staff to benefit from cloud content management while controlling access and managing their intellectual property.

Anytime, anywhere access for students

With unlimited storage for higher education, Box provides the ability to access content securely and easily using university single sign-on credentials from any device, anywhere, while keeping files on mobile devices and desktops in sync.

Tighten campus information security

Campus IT teams can ensure compliance with policies and regulations through rich admin controls and enterprise security features, while users can easily manage personal content with features like remote logout and granular access permissions to content.

Replace outdated infrastructure

Simplify IT management and reduce costs by moving centralized and departmental content and collaborative systems to the cloud. 

Secure your content across any application

Box's integrations with leading teaching and learning platforms like Blackboard and Canvas help eliminate content silos and duplication on campus, and with free tools like Office 365 and Google for Education provide students, faculty, and staff with the ability to create content efficiently while storing, sharing, and collaborating on it securely within Box. 

Discover how the cloud can work for your institution