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IBM and Box

Delivering a Portfolio of Solutions for Digital Business

IBM and Box together are changing how organizations and people work. We’re combining the best-in-class technologies and resources of both companies to transform work in the cloud, extend enterprise security and deliver next generation content-rich apps and solutions. IBM and Box also plan to support in-region customer data storage in Europe and Asia, expanding their international reach without complicating user experience.

box skills

Transform the way you work with Box Skills with IBM Watson

IBM and Box are partnering together to bring intelligence to your content. Using the Box Skills framework, IBM will apply IBM Watson machine learning technologies to enterprise content stored in Box and develop custom solutions for your business. The custom skills developed by IBM leverage state-of-the-art machine learning tools from IBM Watson to redefine the way your business works, addressing key industry-specific challenges through machine learning.

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Box Relay

IBM and Box Introducing Workflow

Build, track and manage repeatable tasks.  IBM and Box are introducing Box Relay.  A tool that allows you to build, track and manage everyday workflows to drive productivity and standardize processes across your entire organization, all with the benefits of Box.


Make your processes seamless.  Repeatable tasks are time-consuming and difficult to manage. That’s why we built Box Relay. This joint solution from IBM and Box allows anyone to easily create a custom workflow and provides real-time visibility to help you and your team get work done faster.

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IBM | Box Highlights


Improve outcomes by collaborating with partners and customers from inside your case environment, and by creating new cases when content is added to Box.
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Intelligently assess unstructured content to drive compliance, records management, eDiscovery, storage optimization and targeted migration initiatives.
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Improve efficiency with a seamless infrastructure and user interface that allows easy access to content stored on-premise and in the cloud.
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Simplify workflows, reduce costs and increase speed and accuracy by capturing documents at their origin from any device and extracting key information to store in Box.
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Enable secure engagement between content and the people who drive business—across or outside your enterprise—through integrations with IBM Connections and IBM Verse.


Develop apps with Box APIs on IBM Bluemix, secure content with IBM MaaS360 and IBM Secure Cloud Enforcer, or redefine mobility with IBM MobileFirst. The possibilities are endless.

Box Customer Sally Beauty
“Our stores identify the trends and we needed to engage our store personnel more. We deployed iPads to our stores, and now we can deliver relevant and timely content. That wasn’t possible before tools like IBM and Box.”


Trevor McCallion, Senior Director, Sally Beauty

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