Workflow Made Simple

Introducing Box Relay

Workflow made simple

Workflow made simple

Most workflow tools are notoriously difficult to use. Until now. Developed by IBM and Box, Box Relay makes it simple for everyone in your business to build, track and manage their workflows. Drive productivity and standardize processes across your extended enterprise — all with the benefits of Box.

Box Relay is scheduled to be generally available in November 2017.

Create Custom Workflows

Easy to build

Create custom workflows. Using an easy-to-follow guide, anyone can design a workflow template. Just add steps, actions, due dates and users to automate your work.

Leverage existing templates. Search existing workflow templates in your company's repository instead of creating them from scratch to kick off your process even faster.

Update on the fly. Continuously optimize processes by updating your workflows. Simply edit the template and publish the changes for instant process improvement.

Completing tasks in your workflow

Easy to complete

Know what is due, when it's due. Get notified when tasks are assigned or overdue with alerts sent directly to your inbox.

Task external users. Easily invite key parts of the process – partners, vendors and customers – to complete tasks in your workflow without compromising security.

No training required. Completing tasks is as simple as using Box. With co-authoring, preview and version control already in Box, you can focus on getting things done.

With Real-Time Visibility

With real-time visibility

Track progress. You'll never write another dreaded 'checking in' email again. View the status of each workflow and receive notifications when workflows are complete.

Identify bottlenecks and take action. Alert the team of any issues by flagging steps in a workflow, ensuring those in your team can take immediate action.

Analyze audit logs. Know who is taking what action on which content so you can fulfill compliance and project requirements.

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