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From product specs to ad creative to store layouts, content plays a key role in the lifecycle of a product. The Content Cloud makes it easy for you to speed up day-to-day processes like onboarding employees, collaborating on product designs, working with vendors, and launching marketing campaigns. All this with unparalleled security and compliance from anywhere, on any device.

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Onboard vendors and employees with ease

Simplify onboarding by connecting internal teams, vendors, and new employees in an efficient, interactive environment. With Box, teams are enabled to share and access confidential information, assign tasks, sign contracts, and edit content from any device, anywhere.  

Speed up R&D and design

Ensure seamless collaboration from product research to design. With Box as the secure central content repository, teams can edit designs in real time, share any file type, and protect proprietary files.

Launch campaigns faster

Automation helps you streamline review, approval, and task assignment across all your teams, including marketing, brand, and legal. Seamless integrations with apps like Adobe, AutoCAD, and Slack give you a single source of truth so you get work done faster.

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Enable secure vendor collaboration

Drive seamless, real-time collaboration, and keep exchanges of your intellectual property both secure and compliant.

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Power product launches

Securely collaborate with outside agencies and vendors, and simplify work by keeping all your product and marketing materials in one place.

Simplify store development

Coordinate with corporate teams, contractors, and vendors with real-time feedback, review, and approvals in a central, secure environment.

Modernize digital asset management
Modernize digital asset management

Securely store, manage, share, and collaborate on your digital assets from one place, increasing efficiency across all distribution channels.

Improve team productivity

Streamline team collaboration with automated task assignment, real-time editing, and productivity integrations with apps like Adobe, M365, and Salesforce.

Automate HR processes

Speed up employee onboarding with e-signatures, centralize PII, and give employees controlled access to their personal information.

Accelerate retail operations, no matter your business

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Accelerate production and sales cycles by enabling internal and external teams to seamlessly collaborate from anywhere on any device, leveraging integrations like Salesforce, M365, and ServiceNow.


Simplify research, development, and design processes with a central secure platform. Teams can increase speed to market with simple review, approval, and task assignment.

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Protect proprietary files before and after launch with granular access permissions and watermarking, so only approved collaborators can view, download, or edit design files.

Sign documents right in the Content Cloud

Contracts power retail businesses, and getting a document signed should never slow you down. Get secure e-signatures on everything from member agreements and seasonal recruitment offers to inventory and franchise forms.

Protect IP and customer data

From employee and customer data to new product releases, you need to keep your valuable information secure. Protect proprietary files with auto-classification for various file types, granular access permissions, and threat detection to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks.


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