St. Joseph Health

Healthcare system embraces HIPAA-compliant Box to reduce risk and improve care delivery

A secure sharing and collaboration platform

St. Joseph Health (SJH) is a Catholic healthcare system that operates 16 facilities throughout California, Texas and New Mexico. SJH has 2,400+ employees, who offer an assortment of healthcare services, including acute care hospitals, home health care, rehabilitation care, primary care clinics and community wellness programs.

Based in Irvine, California, St. Joseph Health routinely shared information across its 10 distinct communities and three different regions. Traditional file sharing systems such as file servers, on-premise document management services, and unsanctioned file sharing tools were neither secure nor effective for SJH.

St. Joseph Health needed a solution that allowed employees to share files and collaborate freely but also met their strict compliance needs. SJH also looked for a solution that easily integrated with their existing cloud-based services, like Salesforce and Workday, and enabled them to build their own custom solutions through an open API framework.

“Free the data, share the data, apply the data securely in the cloud,” explains Bill Russell, Chief Information Officer at St. Joseph Health. It was a bold and innovative plan, and Box was up to the challenge.


Seal security gaps and improve mobility

St. Joseph Health’s main challenge was sharing content within and across the facilities while sealing any potential security gaps around sharing Protected Health Information (PHI). SJH also needed to end employee reliance on unsecured forms of file sharing, such as USB drives, free personal file sharing services and email attachments.

Not only did this introduce security risks, but it made data inaccessible across departments and with external partners. SJH also relied on onsite file servers that made finding information slow and difficult, and their limited VPN solution rendered work files inaccessible from remote locations.

St. Joseph Health also wanted to increase mobility, enabling secure access to files on mobile devices. SJH believed in the mobile-first philosophy, and they wanted to provide this same mobility to all their employees.

“With Box, you can get all your data in real-time, anywhere from any device,” said David Baker, VP of IT at St. Joseph Health. “It’s fantastically fast, and even on your phone you can enable team work immediately.”


Box across all devices


A HIPAA-compliant solution  

By centralizing data into a single, easy-to-access content management platform, Box enabled St. Joseph Health employees easy and secure access to information, on any device. Because Box is HIPAA compliant, all PHI was secure and SJH did not need an additional solution to meet their compliance needs.

As a standard, Box executes HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and encrypts data in-transit and at-rest. Box also offers robust access permissions and audit trails, which was essential to SJH to ensure they could protect their content and intellectual property.

Box also empowered employees to easily create secure and collaborative workspaces with external parties. Physicians, vendors and other partners were able to upload files and communicate faster, improving the level of care provided to patients.


Improved efficiency and future risks averted

After just five months, St. Joseph Health deployed more than 9,000 users across 14 acute care hospitals and 150 ambulatory facilities. Box was easy to install, and it required little maintenance in terms of support—a vast improvement from SJH’s other health IT systems which previously took several years to fully implement.

Box encouraged tighter collaboration between employees and enhanced the quality of work between the care facilities. Employees shared documents, made comments, created and approved work all within Box, saving time and eliminating the need to search for emails and attachments.

Box also enabled St. Joseph Health to phase out all personal networking drives. Utilizing the Box APIs, the SJH team integrated Box into the 3 portals it offers: Staff Hub, Clinical Hub and Patient Hub. These portals are used as intranets by internal staff, with Box linking important documents within them.

St. Joseph Health estimates Box saved the company millions of dollars by protecting it against potential data breaches. Box enabled SJH to remove the use of unsanctioned sharing and storage tools, while improving access to patient information and files.

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