Six Flags

Box improves content sharing and management efficiency by 50%, leaving more time for fun

Getting off the email rollercoaster

Six Flags Entertainment is the world’s largest regional theme park company operating 19 parks throughout U.S., Mexico and Canada. Since 1961, hundreds of millions of families, teens and thrill-seekers have trusted Six Flags for value-packed fun.

At Six Flags corporate office, teams needed to access, share and manage critical content—both internally and with external partners—quickly and easily. They primarily shared their content via email but sending large, rich media files like images and videos was impossible, even in the office. The stopgap “solution” included breaking up material and sending it in multiple emails or FedExing hard drives, a time-intensive, costly and insecure process.

“Email just wasn’t up to the task.” says Sean Andersen, Director of Interactive Services. “We couldn’t send anything over 10MB.”


Going beyond simple file sharing

Six Flags first turned to another content-sharing platform, Sharepoint, but soon realized they needed something more. Sharepoint solved some challenges, such as file size limitations and security, but it was cumbersome and not well-suited for external collaboration.

“It’s a heavy environment for new users to pick up quickly and easily start working with the outside world,” critiques Andersen. “Even when they do master it, it’s still a lot of administration work to share files between internal and external users.”

Clearly, Six Flags needed to stop this rollercoaster, and they turned to Box.

“We were looking for a solution that would empower us to distribute big files both internally and with external partners and vendors,” says Andersen. “We needed a platform that would enable us to access and share content from mobile devices, too.”


Collaboration is easy—even on the go

Six Flags implemented Box and their content-sharing woes quickly turned to delightful thrills. No one worries about sending large files and collaborating seamlessly—within the organization or with outside partners.

Box made it easier to access, share and manage critical content, using any device they choose. Large media files, presentations and graphics can all be previewed within Box without having to download the file, and are all accessible to teams whether they’re in the office or in one of Six Flags’ 19 parks.

“Compared to email, Box has reduced the time we spend searching for and sending material by 50%. Everybody—both our internal teams and external vendors—finds it exceptionally simple to use,” says Andersen.

Six Flags’ Marketing teams also appreciated the customized branding functionality, which enables Six Flags to put its identity front and center while sharing content with vendors and outside partners.

Best of all, Box was easy for Six Flags teams to adopt.

“Besides being so easy to manage,” says Andersen, “Box is super easy to learn. In two years of use, we’ve gone from 50 users to over 250.”

What can box do for your business?